07th Jan 2016

Bonus Episode! Experimental podcast questions from Google!

I’m doing a mini tour going up to New York in the next few days. I hope you can join me for training at Momentum Fitness in NYC on the...

22nd Oct 2015

Inside Scoop on Two Awesome Events: K.E.T.T.L.E. PRT and Functional Range Conditioning

It’s just a little over 1/2 hour long, but hear the first-hand accounts of these two great events as attended by Dr. Chad Eldridge (FRC) and Adrienne Harvey (K.E.T.T.L.E. PRT)....

08th Oct 2015

What Are You Reading?! GiryaGirl Podcast with Chad Eldridge and Chris Flores

Co-host Dr. Chad Eldridge returns again along with call-in guest Chris Flores for a book-focused “Reading Rainbow” tribute episode.  Find out what we’re all reading and why!  Show notes and...

24th Sep 2015

Goals, The Goonies, Identity, Exercise, and Healthy Athletics with Dr. Chad Eldridge, DC

Enjoy an interesting 1 hour topic jumble with Adrienne of GiryaGirl.com and Dr. Chad Eldridge, DC and Movement Specialist here in Winter Park.  It’s not a terribly technical convo, but...

03rd Jun 2015

Adaptogen Chat with Logan Christopher of Super Man Herbs

Checking back in with Logan Christopher on a favorite topic of conversation – stress, adaptogens, and strength feats!

08th Mar 2015

Senior RKC Mike Krivka and I Explain Why the HKC is So COOL.

Within this enthusiastic, wild and crazy conversation there’s 2 difficult workouts described, and 2 extremely valuable tips to take your kettlebell swing to the next level.  In fact there’s all...

18th Feb 2015

Short Special Podcast Under 20 Minutes… Thoughts on Goals!

Are you in line with your goals? Are your goals in line with YOU? Some rambling that might help!

21st Nov 2014

Short but fun, Logan Christopher and I talk about strength, eating bugs, and some fairly mature topics too

This episode might make my Mom gag!  Logan Christopher and I talk about eating pollen, bugs, and why he thinks that specific applications of those things might be fantastic for...

17th May 2014

Meet Adam Von Rothfelder, Retired MMA Fighter, Model, Actor, and Gym Owner…

A lively discussion of bodyweight training, the recent PCC workshop in MN, and Adam’s secret twist on the Bulletproof Coffee phenomenon (not to be missed). Upcoming Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC)...

27th Apr 2014

A PCC Workshop Check-in, a Crucial Kettlebell Tip, and a Big Discussion About Living Foods

(First 10 seconds have an annoying buzz that goes away) A short check in and update on what’s going on at the most recent PCC Workshop in the Twin Cities,...