A PCC Workshop Check-in, a Crucial Kettlebell Tip, and a Big Discussion About Living Foods

(First 10 seconds have an annoying buzz that goes away) A short check in and update on what’s going on at the most recent PCC Workshop in the Twin Cities, a crucial kettlebell tip inspired by a recent article and interview with author and neurosurgeon, Dr. Patrick Roth.  THEN a lively and lengthy discussion with health food (raw, living, etc) enthusiast and blogger, Adrienne Frankenfield.   We discuss delicious fermented foods, vegetable preparations and focus on what our different eating strategies actually have in common…  In other words, what primal and paleo have in common with a mostly raw plant based approach (low to no grains, plenty of dark leafy greans, etc. etc.).   She has some incredibly tasty and healthy ideas that are just too good to ignore (and that admittedly I love as side dishes to some delicious grass fed beef……)

Hope you enjoy the show!