Podcast with Logan Christopher, Adventures in the Amazon, Mental Muscle and MORE

Embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to finally get this podcast live, because it’s just such a fun one!  Logan Christopher and I had both presented at the 2nd annual Dragon Door Health and Strength Conference this past summer and had a lot to catch up about.  Topics covered include nootropics, herbal supplements, some very wild adventures that Logan had in the Amazon while visiting and learning from native people, the mental component of training, his presentation at the conference, my presentation at the workshop, and much much more.  Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

BTW, Logan’s awesome company (formerly called Super Man Herbs) is now called Lost Empire Herbs. Click here to you’ll see many of the items we discuss there.  Oddly enough I’ve actually gotten more accustomed to the Hercules formula and can offer a useful tip – don’t mix it with too much water (I drink mine from a very small mason jar half full of water). AND do NOT sniff it before trying to drink it.  I even hold my nose!! So much easier… its not for everyone but I like its gentle but intense and long-lasting energy boost and it seems to really help my endurance during a workout.

Here’s a video on demand recording of Logan’s presentation and a link to his book, Mental Muscle