The Future of Personal Training: Podcast with Rolando Garcia III, Author of Intrinsic Excellence

Hopefully you will enjoy this conversation about the future of personal training, fitness and technology and of course Rolando Garcia III’s great new book, Intrinsic Excellence: Business Development and Leadership Systems for Success in Personal Training

For once I even made some show notes for you too:

Intrinsic Excellence and the Future of Personal Training

Rolando Garcia, author of Intrinsic Excellence — now available from Dragon Door!

Rolando is calling in from a cab in NYC…

  • The Future of Personal Training, Apps and the face to face role of personal trainers 1:45
  • The growth of technology in the fitness sector is symptomatic of these things… 2:25
  • The real need for experts in the fitness field 4:50
  • CEO of Under Armour echoes Rolando’s sentiments in Barrons’ Weekly 5:25
  • Rolando’s Book is actually available now!  6:30
  • What Intrinsic Excellence is really all about 7:10
  • What Adrienne thinks is one of the most powerful lessons in Intrinsic Excellence 9:40
  • The Four Competencies Method 10:10
  • Fitness going mainstream means the market is more educated 10:40
  • Dan John’s foreword 11:20
  • The Future of Personal Training as a Profession.. if you dont know how to do these things, you’re dead! 12:00
  • 4C for who? 13:00
  • A Client service model… 15:02
  • Speak a client’s “language” and help them succeed that much faster 17:41
  • What a client’s trust allows 20:00
  • The day to day at E by Equinox 22:07
  • The fourth competency is a brain shift, and is the ultimate measure of how you can succeed as a fitness professional. 23:07
  • Just 6-7 years ago, fitness professions were almost just seen as side gigs 24:20
  • What Rolando wants a lot of people to avoid in their careers 27:24
  • Where do trainers typically fall down in their business development? 31:00
  • Are you a service or are you a business? 31:50
  • How to really help people as a personal trainer or fitness professional… 34:36
  • How I sold out a ton of classes when I visited and taught classes and private sessions at Momentum Fitness NYC:  37:17
  • Rolando WILL be presenting at this year’s Health and Strength Conference! 38:25
  • The rapidly changing landscape of the fitness industry… and technology 39:58
  • The changes in technology are rapid and accellerating here’s why Adrienne is not scared 41:28
  • Speculated future role of technology in fitness and individual lifestyle decisions 44:34
  • The only thing that can track the growth and progress of the human spirit 48:07